Dr Vani M Sundarapandian


Firstly I would like to thank you for choosing Jananam Fertility Centre. As the medical director, I am extremely pleased to welcome you to Jananam.

July 25th 1978 heralded a triumph in reproductive medicine with the birth of the first test tube baby. These 35 years have seen many miraculous milestones in fertility treatment and this has proven to be a rapidly advancing science. Yet, we are unable to give every couple a baby, the worldwide success rate being an average of about 40 – 45 %.

However these success rates are partly influenced by factors that are well under your control and in this message, I am going to outline these specific factors that help increase your success rates.

Worldwide, statistics has shown that women are postponing ‘motherhood’ to their thirties and even forties. This is worrying as egg numbers begin to decline as women get older and treatment becomes extremely difficult as well as less successful. Therefore, women need to be wary of age as an important determinant of treatment success and seek help early.

The next factor is regarding weight. Once again, treating an obese individual is fraught with difficulty and is proven to be less successful. This is something we can control – therefore both women and men seeking fertility treatment need to get in shape to help us help you better.

Next come smoking and alcohol. Smoking is an absolute “no no” – even if it is passive smoke that you inhale from your partner. Alcohol consumption – strictly within limits as detailed in our website needs to be adhered to for the best success rates.

And finally, be positive, be patient and be persistent always. Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen. We at Jananam are here to do our best for you to start a family.

“We know what it is to have a family. We help build them every day”

– Dr. Vani Sundarapandian
M.D., D.G.O., M.R.C.O.G.(U.K)
Master of Reproductive Medicine (AUS)
Medical Director, Jananam Fertility Center