Fertility Tourism

Jananam International Egg Donation Programme


Asian( Indian) egg donors are available within a short time period.
IVF Treatment One egg donor for each recipient – so no sharing of eggs. Each recipient can get up to eight to ten eggs.
Fertility Tourism All our donors are screened extensively for infections and also have a karyotyping done.
IVF Treatment Our donors are always less than 30 years old and have at least one child of their own (proven fertility).
IVF Success Rate Our matching process is done carefully and we take personal care to match your physical appearance and your ensure that your priorities are satisfied.
IVF Success Rate We will provide you with detailed non identifying information about the donor – height, weight, complexion, education, occupation, interests, blood group, children and their family history.
Chennai ivf medical tourism Egg donors will remain anonymous and no identifying information will be revealed.
IVF Clinic We will try to transfer blastocysts to ensure that you have the maximal chance of success and also freeze any extra embryos.
IVF Clinic We will organize for your treatment when suitable for you and synchronize your donor’s cycle with yours.
Chennai Best Test Tube Baby Centre You will be advised regarding tests which can be performed in your home country so as to minimize your stay here.