Egg Donation

Egg DonationSome women need donated eggs or eggs from other women. We have listed a few reasons:

Women with premature ovarian failure – where eggs are absent in the ovaries before the age of 40 years

Women who are above 40 years and do not have eggs

Women with ovaries which have been removed for other reasons or destroyed by endometriosis

Women who have some genetic diseases and are at risk of transmitting their problem to the offspring

What is the success rate of egg donation?

Egg donation has a high success rate of about 55-60% and almost an 80 – 90% success rate after four repeated treatment cycles.

Can Jananam arrange egg donors?

Yes. We can egg donors for you. All our donors are less than thirty years old, and have one or two children. This ensures that they have eggs which are capable of being fertilized – a true test of their fertility

In couples who have had poor fertilization with IVF in a previous cycle

All our donors are screened extensively to rule out infections and hereditary diseases. We can match your blood group with the donor. We also try to match the recipient’s physical characteristics – height, complexion etc

Will the donor remain anonymous?

Yes. The identity of egg donors will not be revealed. However we can disclose non identifying information about egg donors – namely their physical characteristics, education, hobbies etc