Egg Donation

Some women need donated eggs or eggs from other women. We have listed a few reasons:

  • Women with premature ovarian failure – where eggs are absent in the ovaries before the age of 40 years.
  • Women who are above 40 years and do not have eggs.
  • Women with ovaries which have been removed for other reasons or destroyed by endometriosis.
  • Women who have some genetic diseases and are at risk of transmitting their problem to the offspring.

What is the success rate of egg donation?

Egg donation has a high success rate of about 55-60% and almost an 80 – 90% success rate after four repeated fertility treatment cycles.

Process of Donor IVF Cycle

Egg donation is obtaining eggs from an egg donor and this is indicated when a woman has run out of eggs – maybe because of her age or sometimes when there is premature ovarian failure in younger aged women.

It may also be advised in women who have repeated poor quality eggs, repeated miscarriages, repeated implantation failure or in women who have a genetic problem.

You might wonder how we select donors. Donors are young women usually less than 28 years of age.

They are fertile, they’ve usually had one or two children of their own and we screen them for infections and take a detailed history pulling out any genetic disease and that’s how we select a donor.

Once the egg donor is selected and matched with the recipient, then we stimulate the donor.

We start stimulation injections on day two for a period of about ten days and encourage her follicles to grow and then retrieve the eggs and fertilize the eggs with the husband’s sperm as I spoke about in the IVF treatment discussion and once embryos are made we freeze them for later use.

We then prepare the endometrium of the recipient by a special method and then transfer these frozen embryos.

The Donor Cycle


Identification of Suitable Donor Through History, Physical Examination and Tests.

1. Identification

sperm collection

The Eggs and Sperms are Fertilized in a Clean Lab. Semen Sample is Required on the Day of Egg Collection.

4. Fertilization


Medication (Tablet and injections will stimulate) to encourage follicular growth in Egg Donation.

2. Stimulation

embryo freezing

Embryo is Kept in Frozen State Until the Right Time for Transfer in this Embryo Process.

5. Embryo Freezing


Eggs are Collected From the Ovaries and Sperm is Collected in Egg Donation Process.

3. Egg Pickup


The Frozen Embryo is Transferred Followed by a Pregnancy Test at the Later Date.

6. Transfer

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