1.What food should I eat after embryo transfer?

There is no specific food which increases your likelihood of getting pregnant. A balanced diet rich in protein, vegetables and fruit is advisable. Non – vegetarian food including chicken, mutton, fish and eggs can be consumed. Avoiding excess spice, chillies, sweets, fat containing fast food (burges/pizzas) and salt is advisable. There is some evidence that beetroot, watermelon and ginger juice may better outcome after IVF (Halpern G et al. Fertility Sterility. 2019)

2.What is to be done if I have constipation?

Constipation is common in natural pregnancy and after IVF. This is due to the hormone progesterone. It is important to drink plenty of water (2 to 2 1/2 litres), eat plenty of green vegetables, beetroot, fruit. If the problem persists, we usually advise FYBOGEL ( natural fibre drink) or duphalac liquid. But please contact the hospital on 8939994244.

3.I have burning in my stomach. What should I do?

You need to stop eating spicy ( green /red chillies / black pepper) , oily food. Tamarind is to be avoided. Full fat dairy and coconut chutney can also increase heart burn. Gelusil and digene ( antacids) are safe in pregnancy. If the problem persists, please consult the doctor. It is best not to lie down soon after eating food. Please wait for a couple of hours before you lie down.

4.Can I drink coffee/tea after embryo transfer?

Pregnant women should restrict caffeine intake to 200mg (two cups of coffee) a day. A cup of tea can also be consumed twice daily. Green tea also contains a lower amount of caffeine.

5.Can I drink tender coconut water?

Yes, you can drink tender coconut water.

6.Is it safe to eat potatoes in pregnancy?

It is not necessary to avoid potatoes in pregnancy. They contain healthy nutrients. But daily consumption may be avoided in general and specifically in diabetic women.


7.If I catch a cold, fever - what should I do?

Drink hot water, gargle with salt water and inhale steam. If your symptoms worsen, please call the hospital on 8939994244/8939826648. Tablet paracetamol can be taken safely during this time.

8.My body feels hot – what should I do?

Progesterone is a hormone which can increase body heat. It is therefore called a thermogenic hormone. Since we give you progesterone injections, your body may feel warmer. Please drink plenty of water.

9.I have sudden spotting/bleeding and I am pregnant. What should I do?

You need to contact the hospital immediately (8939994244/8939826648). Do not panic, 90% of pregnancies continue despite the bleeding. You will be advised to increase the dose of progesterone and visit the clinic on the following day.

10.I have burning/pain while passing urine. What should I do?

Please make sure that you drink plenty of water. Please contact the hospital. We will advise a urine culture test to rule out infection and start appropriate treatment

11.I have loose stools, what should I do?

It is important to eat clean food throughout pregnancy. If you have loose stools, the choice of food would be dry toast/idlis/rice kanji. We advise bifilac (probiotic capsules) twice daily. If the problem persists, please speak to the doctor.

12.I have vaginal discharge. Is that normal?

A little vaginal discharge is normal in pregnancy. But, if the discharge is excessive, foul smelling or accompanied by itching and bleeding, please consult the doctor.

13.Will coughing and sneezing and hiccups affect my pregnancy?

Coughing and sneezing and hiccups will not affect your pregnancy. If you do have a cough or sneezing please get appropriate medicine from the doctor.

14.I have swelling in my buttock after the injection. What should I do?

Ice packs can be used if the pain is bad. Usually, the swelling settles on its own with time. It is important that the injections are given by a trained nurse, using a longer needle as this is a deep intramuscular injection.

15.Will I have any psychological changes after embryo transfer?

It is natural to feel anxious after the embryo transfer. The waiting period of 12 – 14 days can seem exceptionally long. It is important to remain positive and keep yourself occupied. If you find that you feel very low or are unable to sleep, please talk to the doctor.


16.Why should I fill my bladder before embryo transfer?

We advise you to fill your bladder because a full bladder straightens the uterus and makes embryo transfer easier. Also, a full bladder helps us to see the uterus clearly and enables us to transfer the embryos correctly.

17.Why is a tablet given before transfer?

This tablet helps to reduce uterine contractions and helps to keep the embryos in the correct place. It contains piroxicam. You will be asked if you are allergic to NSAID”s before being given this medication.

18.Will I have any specific symptoms after embryo transfer?

Nausea and vomiting are not seen soon after embryo transfer. They usually occur only after 6weeks of pregnancy. Many women complain of abdominal cramps, backache, increased appetite, and breast tenderness after transfer. This is related to progesterone which we advise.

19.Is there any specific sleeping position after embryo transfer?

There is no specific position to adopt after embryo transfer. You can lie in any position comfortable to you.

20.Can I use an Indian toilet after embryo transfer?

Yes, you can use an Indian closet after transfer. It will not cause any problem.

21.Can I bend to pick up things and while bathing?

Yes, you can. Body movements do not affect implantation and early pregnancy.

22.Can I continue to do household work like cooking and washing?

Yes, you can continue to cook and clean.

23.Why have I been advised ecosprin (low dose aspirin) in pregnancy?

Sometimes, if you have had a previous miscarriage or if you have had a previous pregnancy complicated by high blood pressure or if you have an increased risk of forming blood clots, you will be advised ecosprin. You will need to continue until 34 weeks of pregnancy.

24.I am on thyroid tablets. Should I continue taking the tablets throughout pregnancy?

Yes, you must take the tablets. Please check TSH levels every 6 weeks and ensure that thyroid levels are maintained at a normal level. Please get the TSH levels reviewed by the doctor.

25.Can I travel by flight?

Yes, you can travel by flight, car, train or bike.

26.Can I drive my car?

Yes, you can drive your car.

27.I have been given tablet metformin since I have PCOS. How long should I continue it during pregnancy?

This will usually be stopped at 10 weeks of pregnancy or earlier. Please consult the doctor for advice.

28.How many hours sleep is advisable?

You need at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep at night.

29.Can I continue exercising in the gym?

Strenuous exercise in the gym is best avoided. Walking is the best exercise in pregnancy.

30.Are there any alternatives for the progesterone injections?

There are vaginal gels/tablets which can also be given. But we feel that intramuscular injections give the best support to pregnancy.

31.Can I take covid vaccine after transfer?

Yes, the covid vaccine can be taken at any time. But the ideal time would be much before the start of treatment.

32.Should the progesterone injection be taken in the mornings only?

The first dose of progesterone will usually be given at a specific time. Subsequent injections can be taken at your convenient time. But please do not miss an injection.

33.Should I do a urine pregnancy test to confirm whether I am pregnant?

The urine pregnancy test is not as accurate as a blood beta HCG test. Therefore, it is advisable to do the blood test. This is usually done on day 12 after a blastocyst transfer and day 14 after a day 3 embryo transfer.

34.How many days after the pregnancy test will I be seen at Jananam?

We will see you until 12 weeks and send you to the obstetrician after the NT scan and blood test.

35.How many days will I be treated in Jananam after a positive pregnancy test?

We will see you here until 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, you will have an NT scan and relevant blood tests. Once the results ae available (usually within a week) we will refer you to an obstetrician who will take care of your pregnancy and delivery.

36.Do I need to stay in the hospital after embryo transfer?

It is not necessary for you to stay at the hospital. Sometimes, if you have bleeding in early pregnancy, we may advise a short hospital stay. Couples who travel from other countries for treatment may stay at the hospital.

37.If I miss an estrogen tablet or change the timing – will it cause a problem?

We advise the tablet to be taken every 8 hourly. Change in timing or missing one tablet will not cause a problem.

38.Can I use my laptop/ mobile phone?

It is not harmful to use a laptop or mobile phone. There is no evidence showing any harm. But, if you are working in an IT firm, it is important that you take a short break and walk around for a while every hour.

39.Should estrogen tablets and progesterone injections be placed in the fridge?

These medicines need not be placed in the fridge. A cool, dry place is advisable.

40.I am unable to sleep. What can I do?

The following may be useful to improve sleep patterns

Drinking warm milk before bed time .

You can try to have a banana before sleep time.(Tryptophan and Melatonin present in milk and banana helps insomnia).

Avoid using electronic items at least an hour before sleep.

41.Can I do hair coloring / eyebrow threading / facial / massage / nail polish during pregnancy.

Yes. You can do the above cosmetic procedures.

42.Can I use contact lens?

Yes. You can use contact lens after embryo transfer.

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