How to Treat Azoospermia Naturally

If you think that azoospermia can only be treated with medicines, you might have to think about that again. There are a vast number of natural remedies to cure azoospermia that is not genetically driven. Azoospermia is a condition where the semen contains no sperm or less sperm due to a blockage in the reproductive tract, resulting in fertility-related issues. Here are a few tips as to how azoospermia can be treated naturally at your home

TIP #1

Stress and weight can play a major role in fertility issues. A combination of regular workouts and meditation helps you stay fit and improves the overall functioning of every organ in your body, which in turn lowers your stress level to a great extent and boosts sperm production.

TIP #2

Binging on alcohol not only affects the life of the liver but also takes a toll on the fertility level. So, setting limits on alcohol intake can maintain the testosterone level and improve sperm quality.

TIP #3

Tribulus Terrestris, otherwise called the puncture vine, is known to be a medicinal herb that enhances male fertility and is proven in a study that taking 6 grams of the root twice a day for two months is said to improve erectile function and libido (sex drive)

TIP #4

Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements are said to increase the sperm count and motility significantly, so make sure to get your hands on either the supplements or vitamin-rich foods.

TIP #5

Replace your daily snack with walnuts! Walnuts contain omega 3-fatty acids that promote healthy sperm production with an increase in the volume of sperms due to the better blood flow in the testicles.

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