PGD/PGS Treatment

What is PGD / PGS?

Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) are procedures used to test IVF embryos for genetic abnormalities, chromosomal disorders or familial diseases. A few cells are removed from the embryo and the genetic material within the cells is analyzed. This supports the selection of the embryos that have the best chance for successful pregnancy.

PGD and PGS is an option for couples who have an increased risk of passing on genetic disorders and/or who are carriers of conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Duchenne Muscular atrophy, Huntington Disease, hereditary cancer syndrome (BRCA1 & 2) and other specific genetic conditions including single gene disorders, sickle cell and sex-linked diseases like hemophilia.

Couples who have familial history of genetic disorders are advised to see our Geneticist for counselling before determining whether to go for PGD/ PGS testing. PGD testing is specific to the family and requires DNA samples from the couple and also family members in some cases.

Process of PGD/PGS Video

PGT-A is Pre-implantation genetic testing for Aneuploidy and PGD is pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

These Procedures are Adviced:

  • In women are over 40 years of age and plan to have IVF
  • In women or in couples who have recurrent implantation failure
  • In couples who have had recurrent miscarriages
  • In couples who have a genetic disease
  • Pre-implantation genetic testing means that we test the embryo prior to transfer to see if it is chromosomally normal.

IVF Process is performed in the same way and the embryos are cultured to day 5 until they become blastocysts. And then a few cells are taken from the outer covering of the embryo which is called trophectoderm and sent for biopsy and the embryo is frozen. Once the embryos are tested, we get the results back telling us which embryos are chromosomally normal and which are worthy of transfer.

Based on this we transfer the embryos.

PGD/PGS Journey


Detailed Consultation with Our Medical Director on the Course of Treatment.

1. Consultation

sperm collection

Eggs are Collected from the Ovaries and Sperms.

4. Egg & Sperm Pickup

embryo freezing

The Embryo is Kept in a Frozen State After Biopsy.

7. Freezing


Medication (Tablet and injections will stimulate) to encourage follicular growth.

2. Stimulation

sperm collection

The Eggs and Sperms are Fertilized in a Clean Lab.

5. Fertilization


Results are Reviewed and Counselling is Done with the Couple.

8. Counselling

Trigger injections

When hormones are at the right levels trigger Egg Maturation and Ovulation.

3. Trigger Shot


Biopsy of D3 or D5 Embryos is Done.

6. BIopsy


Transfer of the Euploid Embryos.

9. Trsafer

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