PICSI Treatment

What is PICSI?

PICSI treatment is a new micro-manipulative technique for identifying healthy, functional sperm for injection into mature egg, improving the chances of successful fertilization and also reduces the miscarriage risk.

How does PICSI influence IVF success rates?

PICSI success rates are approximately 20% more because it enables us to select and introduce a sperm to the oocyte based on its functional quality. This method works on the same principle by which sperms are selected in a woman’s body during the natural fertilization process. Hence, IVF with PICSI is ideal in certain cases.

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Process of PICSI Video

PICSI Journey


Detailed Consultation with Our Medical Director on the Course of PICSI Treatment and Process.

1. Consultation

sperm collection

Eggs are Collected from the Ovaries and Sperms using Needle Under Sedation. A Semen Sample is Required on the Day of Egg Collection for the PICSI Treatment.

4. Egg & Sperm Pickup


Medication (Tablet and injections will stimulate) to encourage follicular growth in PICSI Treatment.

2. Stimulation

sperm collection

The egg is Incubated with a Certain Number of Sperms so that Natural Fertilization Can Occur. Embryo development will be monitored in PICSI Process.

5. Fertilization

Trigger injections

When hormones are at the right levels trigger Egg Maturation and Ovulation done in PICSI Treatment.

3. Trigger Shot

Trigger injections

Fresh Embryo or Frozen Embryo Transferred Followed by Pregnant Test. Any suitable embryo not transferred can be frozen for Later use.

6. Trasfer

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