What is gestational surrogacy?

This is when a woman carries the baby of another couple. In other words, the eggs from the patient are fertilized with the sperms of her husband and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother. This is in reality – ‘Renting a uterus’. After delivery, the baby is handed over to the genetic or biological couple.

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Surrogate Cycle

  • Selection

    Selection of Surrogate Based on History, Physical Examination and Test.

  • Agreement

    Consent and Legal Agreement Signed by Both Parties.

  • Stimulation

    Endometrial Preparation Will be Done for the Surrogate.

  • Embryos

    Couple – Preparation of Embryos by IVF/ICSI/PICSI.

  • Embryo Freezing

    Embryo is Kept in Frozen State Until Transfer.

  • Transfer

    Transfer of the Embryos into the Surrogate.

  • Monitor

    Surrogate to Stay in the Hospital Till delivery with Frequent Checkups.

  • Delivery

    Delivery in Tertiary Unit. Updates are Provided to Biological Parents.

  • Handover

    Surrogate – Handing over of the baby to the Biological Parents.


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