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Jananam Provides Infertility Treatment in Chennai and Best IVF Treatment at Affordable Cost.

Personalised Approach

We, at Jananam, pride ourselves on providing individualised care to couples. We consider it our duty and privilege to ensure that each couple receives a tailor-made treatment plan and attention to further their chances of success.


At Jananam, we believe in crystal clear communication with couples about their treatment plan and cost. Our counsellors, doctors and team will walk you through the process and answer your queries every step of the way.


Jananam is ISAR & ISO 9001 certified with antimicrobial wall (Bioclad) clean room labs that are humidity, pressure, temperature and particle controlled to churn out best quality embryos and maintain high success rates.

Dr Vani M Sundarapandian

Dr. Vani is an accredited Reproduction Medicine Specialist with over 20 years experience. She is committed to helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood using the latest techniques in IVF treatment.

Shajila Titus

Shajila has extensive experience in embryology and is recognized for high-quality outcomes in IVF, ICSI, Vitrification of Oocytes, Cleavage stage Embryos and Blastocyst management.

Dr Shanmugam

Dr. Shanmugam has over 10 year’s experience in General, Bariatric and Paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care. He ensures quality and safety in the management of couples.

Dr. Mangalam R

An accomplished fertility consultant, with a keen interest in assisted reproductive techniques, Dr. Mangalam is focused on educating, counselling and monitoring patients through IVF cycles and treatment.

International Couples

Jananam Fertility Centre provides overseas couples exceptional personalised services and affordable access to the best doctors in fertility treatment. However, fertility treatment can sometimes be painstaking, uncertain and tiresome. This is where our fertility holiday packages for international couples fix the gaping holes and create an experience that is more of a vacation than treatment.

Fertility Holiday Packages

Cost of Treatment

Cost is always an important factor in fertility treatment regardless of whether you are starting treatment for the first time or are planning another cycle of treatment. At Jananam, we are committed to providing personalised treatment and in order to achieve that we need to understand the couple. Following this, a meticulous treatment plan with transparent costing will be provided. Therefore, please click the link below to view our costs which are only an indicative average. In order to obtain exact costs, please complete our enquiry form which will help us tailor the most accurate treatment path and arrive at accurate costing for you.


Our Vision

To provide couples with personalised care of the highest standard, to keep pace with newer and advanced technologies in treating couples wishing to conceive, to expand our services internationally and to undertake research in the field of reproductive medicine.

Our Mission

To be a world-class fertility centre who deliver comprehensive, competent, compassionate and ethical care to sub fertile couples.

Jananam Mrs Jayalakshmi – A True Story…

The beautiful lady in this picture is Mrs Jayalakshmi, my mother’s older sister. She was married way back in the 1940’s to a doctor. She had no children and in those days fertility management was incomparable to what it is today. Investigations were largely absent and treatment was grossly inadequate. In India, not having a child was an unacceptable disgrace. My aunt as a consequence of this developed serious depression. She often asked my mother – her kid sister who was then training to become a doctor whether she could adopt her first child ( myself ). Unfortunately, she died of blood cancer at the young age of 34, long before I was even born. I have always dreamed of starting a fertility centre in her memory. Jananam is dedicated to her only desire in life – a child.

I have written these words for her which are the focal point at Jananam.

“Childlessness has wrecked many a deserving life………….

Dear God, please grant us the strength to help those in need with compassion, competence and moral principles.”

What is Jananam

Our Success Rate

( Jananam – Best Fertility Hospital )


Overall IVF success across all age groups treated in Jananam

55% IVF (Own Eggs)

IVF using patients own eggs in the age group 25-35

76% Donor

IVF using Donor eggs across patients in the age group 30-45

80% Surrogacy

IVF using self / donor eggs and a surrogate for patients age group 35-50

Jananam Success Stories

Infertility Treatment in Chennai

When you walk into Jananam, you walk into one of the best fertility centres in Chennai. The IVF treatment cost in Chennai can be confusing and layered and at Jananam we broke it down and have made the IVF cost in chennai transparent and available to all.

When we started out IVF treatment in Chennai, we were filled with one purpose – to create parents out of couples. And after all these years, that purpose has only further resolved. We knew that being a fertility hospital in Chennai would also involve understanding the stigma around IVF hospitals in Chennai. And hence we left no stone unturned in making sure that we made our IVF treatment as transparent, personalized and world class as possible.

Understand more about the IVF procedure from our Medical Director Dr. Vani Sundarapandian, and know more about our journey to being one of the best IVF centre in Chennai here.

Along with achieving one of the best IUI success rate in Chennai, we have strived to reduce the IUI cost in Chennai with advanced techniques and precision based methodology. Our world class infrastructure is a contributing factor to our ever increasing success rates.

At Jananam, we know the price of being the best IUI center in Chennai and that involves in being abreast with the latest science revolving around fertility. With our fertility experts continuously learning, we ensure that we make the best use of various fertility treatment. IUI being one of the most common forms of treatment thus making it even more important that it’s done right and in accordance with the latest trends in ART.

The success rate of IUI increases with each cycle and may go up to 25-30% when performed for 3 cycles continuously. IUI treatment cost in Chennai varies from centre to centre, at Jananam we’ve made the pricing and you can find it here. IUI is a relatively simple process and our Medical Director, Dr. Vani Sundarapandian explains the entire process here step by step.

ICSI is also known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a step above normal IVF and has a better success rate compared to the regular IVF. The process involves injecting the sperm straight into the inner part or cytoplasm of the egg. The process of picking a sperm and injecting into the egg needs a lot of care, attention and specialization. If you’re seeking ICSI treatment in Chennai, you can book a consultation with our Lead Fertility Specialist in Jananam, to know how if you require it and how you can benefit from it.

The average ICSI treatment cost in Chennai has gone down thanks to intervention from technology. You can know ICSI cost from our pricing page where we have listed the prices of each test that we do to make sure that you can start your journey with us having full access to all information, be it medical or financial. Being one of the best hospital for ICSI in Chennai, Jananam offers high success rates along with personalized treatment.

If you want to know the step by step of process of ICSI, you can visit this page

PICSI or Physiological ICSI is one of the advanced process in IVF wherein a healthy and function sperm is identified and then injected into a mature egg. This process increases the chances of fertilization and reduces the chance of miscarriage. The PICSI success rates in Chennai have been greatly improving and Jananam has become a frontrunner in it by providing IVF PICSI in Chennai with great quality and care.

The details of PICSI treatment in Chennai can be as good as a maze and navigating through it can be a challenge. Jananam along with highly specialized staff and infrastructure removes this hurdle making it easier for couples facing infertility. We removed the hurdle by making all details regarding PICSI cost transparent and most importantly affordable. At Jananam, we make sure that our couples get the benefits of advanced technology in whichever way possible thus enabling us to boost your chances.

The process of PICSI required great expertise and needs great specialization. You can read the step by step process of PICSI from here.

Embryo transfer in Chennai have grown leaps and bounds Frozen embryo transfer is the process by which already frozen embryos are thawed, cultured and finally transferred into the patient’s uterus using advanced embryo transfer methodology in a separate cycle from the IVF cycle. There will be ovulation induction or egg retrieval process and usually frozen embryo transfer cycles have fewer medication and costs are considerably lower when compared to an IVF cycle. Frozen embryo transfer is becoming one of the most sought after Embryo implantation procedures in Chennai.

Jananam is one of the leading frozen embryo transfer treatment centre in Chennai and has continuously achieved high success rates resulting in many happy parents. Frozen embryo transfer success rates are on average as good and sometimes better than fresh embryo transfers.

Dr. Vani Sundarapandian, our Medical Director and Lead Fertility Specialist takes us through the step by step process of Frozen Embryo Transfer in this page. Do talk to us on chat or give us a call to know more about the procedure and walk in for a consultation to start your journey towards your dreams.

With the advent of assisted reproductive technology there are so many different methods by which an infertile couple can get pregnant. The awareness regarding the multiple methods is still vague and this is mainly due to the stigma associated with infertility and infertility treatment in general. One of the many methods of artificial insemination, includes egg donation.

Egg donation is the process wherein the eggs are obtained from an egg donor. These eggs are then fertilized with sperms of the husband. Once fertilized, it’s kept in a frozen state until the day of frozen embryo transfer. This is mainly done when the woman has run out of eggs or have a genetic issue. Given below are some of the instances.

–       Age Factor – If a woman is over 40 and has no eggs

–       Ovary condition/absence – If the ovaries have been removed for some reason or if the ovary has been damaged by endometriosis.

–       Genetic Disease – If there is a risk of genetic disease being transmitted to the off spring

The most critical aspect of  the egg donation process is the selection of the donor. Over the years we have mastered the process of selection donors that are bound to give the best success rate. At Jananam, we have a world class screening process wherein we screen the donor completely which includes physical examination and blood tests. We also take a detailed family history to identify any occurrence of genetic disease before the donor egg IVF process is initiated.

The success rate of egg donation is at around 60% and in the range of 80-90% after four repeated cycles.

A detailed breakdown of the entire egg donation process is listed here. You can also call us to know more about egg donation.

Surrogacy is the process by which the eggs of from the patient are fertilized with the sperms of her husband and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of a surrogate mother.

Infertility can consume you unlike many other disease, as you’re filled with uncertainty and surrounded by people asking you questions. While there are various treatment options that are possible now such as IVF, IUI, sometimes even these do not result in success. Surrogacy can be an ideal option when:

–       The patient does not have an uterus

–       There have been repeated miscarriages

–       There is a female medical disorder

–       There have been recurrent IVF failures

Taking up surrogacy can be difficult to accept at first and at Jananam we understand the emotions behind it. However, surrogacy is the best option when it comes to conceiving a child when there are non-fixable issues for the female patient. We also make sure that we leave no stones unturned to make the entire process seamless and stress free and most importantly completely transparent. With advancement in technology, surrogate cost has also greatly reduced.

The major prerequisite as per Indian law is for the couple to be of Indian origin and once other pre-requisites are also fulfilled we undertake the process of identifying a surrogate mother. This process is stringent, and we ensure that we take a detailed history, physical examination and blood tests are also done before we zero in on a surrogate. After the selection of a surrogate, a consent and legal agreement is signed between both parties.

To know more about the remaining process you can read our detailed step by step instructions on the surrogacy process.

What Makes Jananam The Place Where Life Begins

“Treatment” is always a scary word, is it not? Treatment means a departure from our normal day to day lives, it means trusting a doctor and going ahead with his/her plan. Treatment invokes doubt, causes financial strain and lots of stress as well. And when this treatment involves a stigma such as infertility it becomes even more difficult. In our society, infertility is viewed with so much negativity that the couple undergoes a lot of strain due to this. And even when they decide to understand the causes of infertility and decide to start IVF treatment, it still raises eyebrows.

“In vitro fertilization, are you sure?”

“But is the embryo transfer going to be safe?”

“What if they use a sperm donor or egg donor instead of your samples?”

“An IVF baby is not normal.”

“The IVF treatment cost is going exorbitant.”

“You don’t need IVF treatment, you just need to relax.”

“IVF treatment is not the natural way, and hence it should be avoided at all costs.”

These are some of the questions and statements that couples face when they decide to take up IVF treatment. And this because fertility treatment or the IVF process is still a blur in the society. It’s still not understood that male infertility or female infertility is a condition that’s third serious after cancer and heart disease and something that needs intervention. Artificial insemination has come a long way, an IVF pregnancy is not a utopian fantasy now, it’s reality, it’s science. IVF success rates have been increasing year on year and there are so many babies out there who has come into this world thanks to the intervention of assisted reproductive technology.

When we decided to start a fertility centre in Chennai, we knew it was a huge responsibility. But then, we also realized it was a great opportunity as well. An opportunity to be one of the best fertility hospitals in Chennai by making a significant difference in the lives of couples.

In our years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine, we have seen what childlessness does to couples. As mentioned before we know of the stigma they would have faced, the questions they would have had to answer due to infertility and the bouts of self-doubt they would have had. We have seen the frustration in their eyes when they come to us. And this is where we realized that the need of the hour is personalized care. In front of us is a couple who need more than just treatment, they need transparency, continuity of care and most importantly a patient ear. IVF process can be the same in all IVF  centres or IVF hospitals, the difference comes in the expertise of execution, it comes to understanding the patient in front of you and the fact that you do not resort to template treatment.

At Jananam, we only recommend fertility treatment when we know that a natural conception is not possible, our efforts and advice is always to make sure they have tried everything to conceive naturally. And after that depending upon their egg levels, sperm count, age and other factors we initiate treatment. There is a common misconception that IVF is the only effective solution. There are other methods as well, such and ovulation induction and timed intercourse, IUI which is even widely used. The couples who come to us are made aware of the various treatment protocols, costs involved and the alternate options with great clarity and care. We ensure that only one doctor is met during the entire course of treatment and this results getting high personalized care for the patients.

At Jananam Fertility Centre, we understand that fertility treatment is not like other treatments which saves life, here we create lives. And that’s the impetus that has us obsessed over getting success for the couple. And that’s why our IVF success rates have been on the upward trend ever since our inception. With every passing day, assisted reproductive technology is making leaps and bounds and we strive to implement any best practices that can give us a better chance. A result of which was Jananam empowering its fertility centre with FISART, a fertility software that makes the entire treatment precise and fool proof. With evolving technology, it’s ensured that costs are coming down. With costs coming down it’s helped us serve to without money being a major constraint. And even if money becomes a constraint we offer loans with an EMI options which couples can avail instantly.

We’re also a one stop fertility option as we have treatment, accommodation and food within the same building which has been the reason why many international patients have chosen to fly down here.  Our tie up with Fertility Holiday has given a twist to fertility treatment.

To wrap it up, Jananam believes in transparency, our pricing page gives you a detailed break-down of our charges. Our treatment is personalized, you only meet a single doctor throughout your treatment. Our IVF success rates are one of the best in the country, and we intend to raise the bar higher with every passing year. If you’re a couple that’s battling infertility, know that you’re not alone, know that it is as serious as any other disease, that it’s not your fault, and most importantly know that there are so many things that you can do to raise above this condition and we’re here to help you all through the way. So, if you’ve been trying to conceive naturally for over an year, and have still not seen any results we recommend you to give us a call, so that we can help you with the way forward. Time is very critical when it comes to fertility treatment, and hence make sure that you lose no time in getting help. Even if you’re not looking to get pregnant, there is always the method of egg freezing, embryo freezing that can done to future proof your pregnancy dreams.

Reach Out To Us For Any Queries.

For any Queries or assistance please call: +918939826648 / +918939994244

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