POST Embryo Transfer Instructions

1. Soon after the embryo transfer, we will advise you to lie down for about 20 minutes.

2. You can empty your bladder after 20 minutes.

3. We do not advise you to stay in the hospital after the embryo transfer.

4. Bed rest is NOT necessary at all. A pregnancy occurs if the egg and sperm are functionally competent, and the uterus is normal. A pregnancy is not related to body movement.

5. You can safely perform your household chores.

6. If you are working, please continue to do so. Staying at home does not increase the chance of a pregnancy.

7. You can travel after IVF. Traveling does not affect a pregnancy.

8. Climbing stairs is safe and will not reduce your chance of getting pregnant or increase your risk of miscarriage.

9. You can go for a walk every day.

10. Strenuous weightlifting in the gym is to be avoided.

11. We advise you to avoid intercourse after transfer. Increased uterine contractions can occur during intercourse and this may be counterproductive to the establishment of a pregnancy

12. Eating a balanced healthy diet is advisable. It is best to avoid excess spice and salt in your food. Please include fresh fruit and plenty of vegetables. There is no clear scientific evidence to avoid – grapes/pineapple/papaya.

13. Eating non vegetarian food (chicken/mutton/fish) is not contraindicated.

14. Avoid smoking and exposure to cigarette fumes and it is also advisable to avoid alcohol.

15. Continue folic acid until 12 completed weeks of pregnancy

16. If you have been advised any other medication, please check with the clinic if they need to be continued.

17. We prescribe hormone injections and tablets after the transfer, and they must be taken at the correct time every day. Do not stop them as soon as your pregnancy test is confirmed. We usually advise them to be continued until 10 + weeks of pregnancy.

18. If you have any concerns, please call us on 8939994244/8939826648

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